Outdoor bars to enjoy in city of São Paulo

Outdoor bars to enjoy in city of São Paulo

Coming summer, though in some places it never ceases to exist rs. Outdoor bars end up being the most sought after as the weather this heat, so split 5 options for you to enjoy and enjoy their leisure time.

The outdoor Free Bars

5) Cervejaria Ô Fiô

Bares ao livre cervejaria-o-fio

The trendy brasserie located in the Morumbi has the most disputed in the garden bar area with several tables arranged in summer weather amid ombrelones, trees and torches. The house has about 240 labels of beers ideal to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

Address: Rua Lício Marcondes do Amaral, 51 - Morumbi

4) Eu Tu Eles

Bares ao livre eu-tu-eles

The famous bar Itaim Bibi also has a terrace in the open and a rustic decor, which leave the place with home face, thus facilitating flirting among wealthy young people in the bar.

Address: Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2902 - Itaim Bibi

3) Jordão Bar

Bares ao livre jordao

In Tatuapé, the Jordan Bar is almost always the right requested in the region. With a concept of gourmet bar, which brings together food and drink, the bar has the outside area as the most disputed space and about 20 tables hardly are empty.

Adress: Rua Apucarana, 1452 - Tatuapé

2) The Garden

Bares ao livre the-garden

With a mix of bar and Japanese restaurant, The Garden offers a unique space in São Paulo, with thousand square meters outdoors, the house is surrounded by fruit trees, ombrelones, deck and quality music.

Address: Av. Eng. Luis Gomes Cardim Sangirardi, 20 - Vila Mariana

1) Pé de Manga

Bares ao livre pe-de-manga

Located in Vila Madalena, Manga’s foot is a charming bar, ideal for meetings two or chat with friends. Most of the tables are lit the candles at night and are scattered in an outdoor area under the canopy of three centuries hoses.

Address: Rua Arapiraca, 152 - Vila Madalena

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